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Where your story lives

They say you die twice. Once, when you stop breathing, and twice when someone says your name for the last time.

— Banksy

Your life is your story, and it deserves to be told.

Dear Life is a new way for you to capture and share the story of your life so that your legacy can live on for generations to come. Record all of the precious and life defining moments and display them on a beautiful, interactive experience that we call a “Lifestream”.

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A place where the story of your life is captured, and your legacy preserved.

  • Create a Lifestream for yourself, a loved one or someone who has passed.
  • Celebrate and share memories about a loved one on their Lifestream.
  • Record a time capsule: messages from a loved one that can be opened in the future.
  • Enjoy a social feed that highlights updates from Lifestreams you follow and inspirational media from other Lifestreams.

Don't let your story be forgotten. Coming in mid-2021.

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